Photo Heavy Page

Here’s another example of some photos on a page (as opposed to a post, but they look similar). This page is using the template Minimal (when you’re editing, under Page > Template in the right column) which removes the “sidebar” (content that appears at the bottom of the page). Even if you’re selected a featured image it will not show on this page, only as a thumbnail on a page parent (if that exists). That gives you the most freedom to choose whether or not you have a big image after the page title. This page, as you can see, starts with a paragraph. So, some images…(all from Unsplash)


Photos have a max height of 95vh (viewport height) which means you should always be able to see an entire photo without scrolling. The width will be adjusted accordingly because of this. 


The new column blocks in WordPress allow for nice variation in splitting up the page. This blog is using the 70/30 setting. And the size of paragraph text is slightly reduced in columns, since the width of the block is decreased (makes sense). This also allows you to go on and on like I’m doing right now.

The Adirondack Mountains form a massif in northeastern New York, United States. Its boundaries correspond roughly to the boundaries of Adirondack Park. They cover about 5,000 square miles. The mountains form a roughly circular dome, about 160 miles in diameter and about 1 mile high. Wikipedia The three photos below are from